Moisturizing Gel Multi Vitamin VC

Vitamin infused moisturizing gel that is perfect for any skin type, especially dehydrated. To maintain the potency of the vitamins that are in the formula, some of them are preserved in a protective capsule made of agar-agar. This measure allows the strength of the vitamins to remain until the moment that they are used. Vitamin E (white capsules) and Vitamin C (yellow capsules) are activated as they come into contact with the skin, only then the protective capsule disintegrates. This active complex slows down the process of ageing and moisturizes the skin effectively.

chicory oligosaccharides, panthenol, glycerin, lactose, caesalpinium gum, argan oil, gluconolactone, agar, sodium hyaluronate, offended palmitate (Vit. C), tocopherol acetate, algin, offended phosphate.

Application method
Apply to clean skin in the morning and evening for maximum effect. It is recommended that it be combined with one of the creams in this series to achieve the maximum effect.

Gel recomended after treatments for oily skin and especially during the active sun. On completion of the procedure for active prolonged therapeutic effect for oily skin, mix about 0.5 ml of gel with 2-3 drops Drying lotion to tone DM. Apply to the skin patting movements. Gel actively restore the skin to have a slight matting and cleaning action will hide minor flaws.
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