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Life outside design

Trips, yoga and procrastination

Life outside design

Trips, yoga and procrastination
When I'm not working, I'm doing kundalini yoga, walking around Helsinki, chilling on the couch with a book or funny videos. Well, it's only partially true: doing nothing is actually my #1 non working activity.
To be honest, when I'm not working I often feel lost and frustrated. It might take an effort to come up with non work-related activities.

Long walks around Helsinki sometimes mean walking to my printing place to pick up orders or to a warehouse to get boxes and paper for postage and packaging.

Kundalini yoga was one of the best things that has happened to me. I had done gym regularly before. Not because I loved it, mostly because working from home requires some extra physical activity.

Now I feel excited about my classes and enjoy every moment. It's also because of our wonderful teacher and kind and supportive community. Finding a community to belong to is crucial when you are an expat, like me. I ended up cancelling my gym membership, no more tortures!

Somewhere in Finland
Traveling is always something to do. Before Corona I was going somewhere about once a month. I often visit Russia, my home country.

I love the contrast of quiet and peaceful Finland, and my Russian getaways full of fun and action: events, meetings with friends, concerts, theater, museums, comedy shows, bars, amusement parks! Usually by the end of my Russian trips I'm exhausted and dream about my cozy Finnish apartment in a boring neighborhood.

I can't say I'm open to new things, and I'm not a spontaneous person at all. So I feel suspicious about every new activity or hobby I try :) Let's say, my life outside design projects is still a work in progress.

Somewhere in Russia