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Wax seals
Here you can see the colors I created. Some seals are made with ready-to-use wax (golden, bronze). Some require mixing. If you purchase wax, you'll get seal samples and mixing formulas.

Wax, seals and stickers have been purchased from Germany.
Stamps with various illustrations
3 eur / kpl
Samples (8 - 10 kpl of each color)
0.5 eur / kpl
Double sided stickers
5 eur / 100kpl
Wax in sticks & beads (various colors)
Sticks - 0.9 eur / kpl, beads - 5 eur / 100 kpl
Silicone form
Melting spoons
2 eur / kpl
Grosgrain ribbons, 22m each
1 eur / kpl
Grosgrain ribbons, 10mm x 23m
1 eur / kpl (Lavender - SOLD)
Ivory grosgrain ribbon, 19mmx23m
1 eur / kpl
Small cotton pouches (with and without seals)
2 eur / 10 kpl
White boxes, multiple sizes
Plastic bags, 12x17cm
2 eur / 10kpl
Ribbon leftovers
White tissue paper / silkkipaperi
Pakkausrouhe tummanvihreä
7 eur / box
Photo props
Silk fabric
Linen & cotton fabric
5 eur / 2 x 2 m piece
Small plates
1 eur / kpl (White one - SOLD)
Wooden board (removable fabric)
7 eur
Silk ribbons
3 eur / kpl (3 - 5 m)
Textured paper, 250 gsm, cream and natural white
0.9 eur / kpl (42 x 35 cm), ask for more photos
Vellum paper, A4 sheets
1 eur / 10 kpl
Folded Christmas cards, recycled paper
0.5 eur / kpl
Silver potal sheets
Rose gold / bronze potal sheets
Potal glue
Corner punch
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